Thursday, July 26, 2007

George Noory's Ouija Board experiment

Well, George Noory for a month or better has been building up this "experiment" he was going to do on live radio. For anyone that doesn't know. George Noory is the host for a nationally syndicated radio show, that is geared toward the paranormal, in all aspects, be it ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, psychics, remote viewing, you name it, the show covers it at some point.

So, for a month or better now, George has been "pushing", "selling" what ever you want to call it, this grand experiment. where he and a few respected authors and self proclaimed "experts" on the occult, and the paranormal were going to sit down, and on live radio and conduct and experiment with an Ouija board. Interesting idea! could be good radio. ill tune in.

Well, he starts the night off the evening, with interviewing an author who wrote a book about Aleister Crowley and his connection with the Ouija board. Was a good interview, i rather liked the author (Jerry Edward Cornelius) , he apparently has a large collection of Crowley's books, and personal diaries and this sort of thing. Well once this interview is over, he starts another interview with another man, this man is in the studios as he is one of the participants of the "experiment".

This man decides to try and put a blemish on the previous guy that was interviewed, by saying how the man is miss informed and saying his decent opinion of Crowley is due to the man being a member of the O.T.O. and is a follower of Crowley. He then begins to start spewing the most vile thing's imagined about Crowley. saying hes a Satan worshiper, and sacrificed children, and he was a pedophile, and all sorts of things.

My problem with all this is, this man didn't have a clue about Crowley and his work. he took all the rumors and lies about Crowley and threw them out there in order to make the other author look bad, as if he didn't know what he was talking about. yet it is the this other author, who has this great extensive collection of personal diaries, and books. but i digress, it annoyed me at the time quite a bit. As i have always been interested in Crowley and his work, and am aware of the lies that have been spewed about the man.

Skipping ahead. George then leaves the studio and goes to the appointed control room for the experiment where Rosemary Ellen Guiley a respected author on many aspects of the paranormal is seated at a table with an Ouija board, accompanied by Bruce Goldberg (the basher of Crowley), and an older gentleman named Jordan Maxwell.

He then begins asking each person their opinion on whether or not he should go through with this. Rosemary and Goldberg encourage him. telling him there is nothing to worry about because there is nothing but positive energy present. Goldberg gives a prayer of protection or something. Then he asks Maxwell his opinion on it. And boy do we now get a ear full. This man apparently has been studying the occult for 46 years, I know this, because he was throwing this into everyones face. He begins to tell George how irresponsible the experiment is. An that George is going to be held responsible for anything that happens to any of the listeners due to this experiment. An as i said, he begins throwing the whole I've been studying the occult for 46 years it may be a good idea to listen to someone that knows what their talking about crap. My interpretations of this moment was he was basically saying, these other people don't know shit, and you need to listen to me. which is funny as Rosemary Guiley has written 31 books on numerous subjects in regards to the paranormal, shes also a investigator. yet, she doesn't know what she is talking about, because he has 46 years of experience.

Anyway, this is the beginning of the end. at this point you can tell George is going to back out of the experiment. But, he doesn't tell us this for another 20 minutes. An when the time comes, he does just that. goes into a explanation (more like an excuse) as to why hes decided to back out. An this quite honestly is when it gets a bit silly. As his reasons aren't due to Goldberg's expertise. Oh no no...its much bigger than that.

See apparently numerous friends of George have been having a bit of bad luck. A cardinal was in a car accident (Amityville horror anyone?), a man that had advised him earlier in the month not to do the experiment mother died, on the very day of the experiment, and a couple other things. oh wait wait, i forgot the big one...the earth quake in Indonesia that just happen earlier today.

Apparently George Noory is so egotistical that he thinks tragedy and bad luck cant happen to anyone or any where with out it being his fault. give me a break will you. The gods didn't decide to shake up Indonesia because George Norry was going to play with an Ouija board. The gods, didn't steer some old (probably nearly blind) cardinal into a car accident because George Noory was going to play with an Ouija board. The gods didn't take the life of an elderly woman because George Noory was going to play with an Ouija board.

George Noory please come on down from your cross. accidents and tragedies happen, every day, every hour. For you to sit around taking the blame like some Christ on the cross for all your friends is insulting. It was also insulting for you to give the other excuse that you were protecting all your listeners by not going through with it. Mr. George Noory, you buy these things at Toys R Us.



Anonymous said...

C2C has been on a slide for a long time now and this, for me, was the end of my interest in anything that Mr. Noory pretends to offer. This was nothing more than a slick trick to boost ratings and we were duped. In my fast blast to him that night I wrote that now people who might have learned about responsible Ouija use by listening will be forced to try it on their own, against the advice of his experts. He's putting more people at risk than if he would have followed through with his hyped-up experiment!

Unlike Art Bell, Noory does not seem prepared for his interviews and rather than asking probing questions, he tends to parrot back and agree with most of his guests. Well, George, your audience isn't stupid and we know when we've been taken. Oh well, I've been needing more sleep anyway.

Eclectic said...


I couldn't agree more with you. I am of the same mind as you, that the entire escapade most likely from the beginning was nothing more than a ploy to boost ratings, for a show that i would be willing to bet has been losing audience members since the departure of Art Bell.

I agree with you again, that George hardly ever seems well prepared for interviews. And i couldn't have said it better about him parroting everything his guest's have to say.

Unlike Art Bell, George seems unwilling to challenge claims his guests make. I can't remember how many times during an interview Art would stop his guest in mid sentence in order to challenge what the person had just said.

I think i could use more sleep as well, Ha.